We wil let you know what is the CRISTAL model and how to  use it in formal and informal economies by any group of people joined around values


4D vs 1D

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Real and Theal





Ways and Target
​​Formation Pédagogique
Information Didactique

First of all, people need to be informed sincerly as well as fully. People also need to be able to make their representation of phenomena as clear as possible, a world of evidences is often false, but complexity and incompletude give everybody difficulties to set a coherent representation.

Our first target is to provide didactical data where it is easy to understand facts and their background as well as how facts are linked together.

Second target is to help people who wish to change their representation by providing tools like e-learning to improve their knowledge and as much as possible their skills.

Third target is to use their new abilities and knowledge to be able to create and to  innovate what they wish inside CRISTAL.

​Accompagnement au Changement

Human being as well as organisation have to change how they do things when the world change, or to change their organisational  groups to change internaly or externaly.

There are a lot of ways to adapt oneself or adapt the world.
There are better ways to act and we will go the long way with you to your final objectives.

For this purpose we do process in programs and also develop tools to optimise such a change.

There is not only one path nor only one behaviour to succeed and realize your target.

It needs to understand the organisation, the environement and also the dynamic of the system in which you interact with.

​​Création de start-up
4D en Cristal

Create a start-up seems like a good idea.

Depending of your Business Dynamic Plan it could be a good things or the worst result you haven't imagined.

With the tools of CRISTAL we can detect where are the worst and where are the best for your ideas and how to minimize energies and uses of ressources to get where you wish to go.

Traditionnally Business plans explore the dynamic of our growth only on a equivalent moment time axe, with some estimation of the fluctuation of inbound and outbond you wil encouter.

In a changing world where the behaviour of the customers is unstable, it is uncertain most of the time and the businnes plan is an awfull tools with not correct evaluation possible.