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The result of French elections

The traditonnal French Parties UMP and PS are letting the FN be a third party.


CRISTAL will start the 2017 Campaign

Time for CRISTAL to play a role in today's changing world.


The green parties open to gouvernance

Some of the greens, always in the 10%, think they can be more usefull in than out.



CRISTAL launches the 2017 campaign


Meet up about the Survey  Law

Cristal will be present in the 2017 French legislative .

Join us French or not, it needs you as an individuals and not a  company to sustain us and be an active member of Cristal

Debate will take place at Mozilla Paris about the new Survey Law in France to discuss the cons and pros


Launch of CreaRif


CRISTAL defined its axes

After the departemental/cantonal elections with the presence of 3 partis, CRISTAL would be the fourth.

Paul Huchon will launch CreaRif, new tools fixed by the regional power to be an arm to launch as many start-up as possible


Free Startup Projet

Set by students of Grande ecole and University, they will start their first Start-up Project week-end