Internet Cube

Combining Temporality, where time is not the moment but a space of time domain mixing past, present and futur, 

Spaciality, where space is not a geographical locus but the result of relations with energy, time, cost,...,

Connectivity, which are technical as well as technological connexion but also interaction between livings and furthermore provence's "convivenci" where art and culture are a part of it,

Fluxity, the flow of data, usages and links.


A cristal is divided in a real part and a theal part. (Theal being the contraction of Think and real, even if theal could be an utopia but based on pragmatism )

It inflates from a network of actors and objets inside Internet Cubed with the flux of data , usages and links

In this mathematical space, actors and objects interact, creating new wealths.
In each CRISTAL, it needs specific economic, social and politic rules.


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4D Dynamic Business Plan

Traditionnally a business plan is a representation of the status of a company at different momenta of its life.

Describing at a given time, some of the stream, mostly financial.
The environnement of the company at this time is badly known.

The 4D Dinamic BP place the BP in the dynamic of the system where the company acts on it and how actors acts on it.

Using such a 4DDBP allows to select strategies and to avoid most of the lethal risks.


Learning and training is a must-do to any individual and any organisation.

More and more, e-learning allows to set new knowledge, and with simulation and enhanced-reality can be used for training and learning new skills.

With tools coming from big data it is possible to set some typicity of learners and allow to determine a better and more efficient path for learners.


Everyday the world creates changes.  To individuals or organisations from the inside or the outside dispatched and braodcasted  to the inner or/and the outter parts.

It is quite difficult to analyse changes with today tools. How changes appear, propagate and become a new usage for most of us, or just become some deviant behaviour, or disappear until a new time, perhaps.

CRISTAL is a systemic of changes.

Local Authorities​

Cities, States or Administrations are facing new challenges and new constraints.

CRISTAL as a living lab of new usages is exploring economics, social concepts and politics.

CRISTAL provide solutions for individuals, companies and human groups as well as organisations, cities, States and Administrations.